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Product Introduction

Effectively propagate plants with a very easy solution.Taking care of PLANTS can be VERY REWARDING, even if the plant is a FERN and does not PRODUCE fragrant FLOWERS it can make you feel good and satisfied. But growing a plant can be tricky especially when you want to propagate them. Here is a product that does not REQUIRE a GREEN THUMB to take care and grow the plants, introducing the INSTANT ROOTING SOLUTION.Instant Rooting Solution can EFFECTIVELY PROPAGATE plants with a very minimum effort. It SAVES your money from buying PLANTS and just help you SPREAD your existing ones. It INITIATES the RAPID ROOTING and IMPROVES the SURVIVAL rate of transplanted plants. It also PROMOTES a STURDIER root structure to FULLY SUPPORT the plants as they GROW. This solution also helps to flourish the plants even in an unfavorable weather.Instant Rooting Solution is made with 90% NAPTHALENEACETIC ACID which is a PLANT HORMONE that is also a ROOTING AGENT that is used for the vegetative propagation of plants from stem and leaf cutting. It is ALL-NATURAL making it ECO-FRIENDLY and NON-TOXIC.

  • Just dilute the powder in water to spray your leaf cuttings or to submerge seedlings and roots.

  • This initiates rapid rooting and improves the survival rate of transplanted plants.
  • It also promotes sturdier root structure to support plants as they grow
  • Helps plant to flourish even in unfavorable weather.

A broad-spectrum plant growth regulator

  • Use it to grow herbs, bonsai, shrubs, flowers, orchids and a variety of plants and trees.

Instant Rooting Solution is EASY to use just DILUTE the POWDER SOLUTION in water and SPRAY your leaf cuttings or SUBMERGE seedlings and roots. It can be used to grow HERBS, BONSAI, FLOWERS, ORCHIDS and variety of plants and trees.


1.   Dissolve one bag of the powder in 1-2 litre/s of water. Soak the base cuttings into the rooting powder solution for 1 to 2 hours.

 2.    To maintain the integrity of the plant growth, make a solution by dissolving one packet of the powder in 10 litres of water and spray to the plant once a week until roots are well established.

  3.    For irrigation use: Dissolve one pack of powder in 2 litres of water and irrigate once every two months to further promote healthy roots.

 4.    For germination: To assist in good germination and growth of roots, make a solution of the powder with 4-5 litres of water and submerge the seed for 6-8 hours. Remove and rinse the seed. 

5.   The cuttings can also be directly dipped into the powder for a more potent effect.


Net Weight:  0.03kg (0.07lb.)

Ingredients: 90% naphthaleneacetic acid powder

Package Inclusion/s: 5 Packs / 10 Packs

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